I started cycling in my first year of graduate school and have loved it ever since. The Bay Area provided an ideal environment with ample difficult climbs and permissible temperatures year-round. I've done every noteworthy ride in the East Bay, including Three Bears and Mt. Diablo, as well as a good number in Marin, including Mt. Tam. I've also participated in the Grizzly Peak and Marin Century rides.

Recently I discovered that years of descending roads at 30mph with little protection transfers very well to skiing.


Cooking is exactly like conducting research. There are some fundamental techniques and over time you build intuition and a mental model for how things should work. The rest is just play. While I have yet to make a publishable contribution to this field, I have made many delicious meals for my friends over the years. The best part about cooking is that you get to eat your results with your friends.

I have a weakness for expensive restaurants, where food is as much about the art as the science. I also love steak and chocolate a little too much.


Over the course of my life I have played every installment of the Super Smash Bros series, with the exception of SSB4. Currently I play SSBU exclusively, which, for me, is the most enjoyable of the series. (Sorry Melee fans.) I currently main Zero Suit Samus, and secondary Inkling and Zelda. Let me know if you'd like to play a set with me, I'm always up for playing with people who are better than me.

When I was younger I played a number of other video games in other genres, but none have been as consistent throughout my life. (Also after one lost summer in high school spent in Ragnarok Online, I no longer play MMORPGs.) I'll occasionally play board games with friends, but I consider them more of a social activity, not a competitive one.


I've enjoyed a wide variety of media throughout my life. I watched a lot of anime when I was younger, though this has tapered off in recent years. While not technically anime, I also enjoyed ATLA, and continue to enjoy RWBY and The Dragon Prince. The first few seasons of Archer and Shameless are good; South Park is still good even after 23 seasons. (I have a taste for dark and depressing content.) A few recent series, the next seasons of which I eagerly await, include The Umbrella Academy, Big Mouth, and Altered Carbon. (For the love of God Netflix, do not cancel The Umbrella Academy!)

Like everyone else, I like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and Pixar. (Just take my money Disney.) I enjoy action movies from the late 80s early 90s, including Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October, and The Rock. I also enjoy both comedic and depressing romance movies. (I can recognize where my taste is bad, I simply don't care.)


I recently started an academic talk series on Twitch, called ThinksWithTwitch. Each week we bring on a speaker to give a talk about their research followed by a Q&A. We source talks from a variety of topics across STEM, including technology, healthcare, machine learning, physics, and biology.

If you're interested in science I'd recommend you check out a stream and ask questions in the chat! Past talks are also available on our YouTube channel. We're also constantly looking for new speakers, so if you've done some work in an interesting area and can communicate your work to a scientifically literate outside of your domain, please contact me!


During quarantine my friend and I created Furthest Distance Lunch Groups, coordinated Zoom lunches for students. Students sign up and each week we pair them with 3 other random students to virtually meet up for lunch over Zoom. We started in UC Berkeley, but soon expanded to nearly 400 students from CMU, UW, Georgia Tech, UPenn, Princeton, Cornell, UIUC, UChicago, NYU, and others. Our goal was to provide more social interaction for people stuck at home as well as an opportunity to meet new people with different interests. It was a good opportunity to learn Javascript and Node.js, and to use technology for some good.

I have had to step away from FDLG for the time being as other tasks have taken priority. However I've left it in capable hands.